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STEM education may classroom, but leading companies are paying a new path for learners to inspire them toward education and a career in a STEM field. It's about building partnerships - real, sustainable, meaningful partnerships between business and education. Michigan's future success depends on businesses and all education providers working together to ensure a stronger future for us all.

Business and Education Partnerships


STEM Resource

STEM resources are helpful to schools and classrooms support high quality STEM education.

Example activities:

  • Financial resources - funds, grant opportunities, or sponsors

  • Assist with collective grant writing to STEM based organizations 

  • Donate material and equipment - new or retired

STEM Resource Partners:


STEM Supporter

Build community awareness and excitement in STEM education to build and deliver a consistent message about the value of STEM,

Example activities:

  • Provide commentaries to media sources

  • Create and distribute testimonials and letters to school boards, government, and community organizations.

  • Assist with visibility and communication at community events to share excitement of STEM.Participate in local MISTEM summits

STEM Supporter Partners:


STEM Professional

Help students and teachers connect STEM knowledge and skills to STEM careers.

Example activities:

  • Provide student internships (exploration of career opportunities)

  • Engage and offer teacher externships (experience real-world application of STEM content)

  • Provide and engage in mentorship opportunities (providing guidance for future courses and careers)

  • Be a source of expertise for professional development for teachers and administrators.

  • Participate in career fairs/days, science fairs, engagement in classroom

  • projects/discussions

  • Offer job shadow opportunities

  • Host or present at local MISTEM summits

STEM Professional Partners:

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