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The MiSTEM Network is excited to announce our CS Fundamentals Introduction workshop series that will be held online. These high-quality computer science workshops will provide you with a curriculum guide, how to implement unplugged and computer based computer science lessons, how to setup your classroom, and connect you with a community of educators. Come learn in a friendly environment how you can start implementing computer science in your classroom

Virtual Workshop:

This workshop is a combination of three online virtual meetups and two sets of asynchronous activities. We will be using Zoom for our online meetings, using Studio for asynchronous activities, and using the website for resources.


Workshop Requirements:

No prior Computer Science experience is necessary. This workshop does require that you have access to a digital device and internet to join the virtual meetups. The virtual meetups do require participation and discussion, therefore we recommend that you have access to a microphone and webcam (most are built into laptops.

No Cost to Register - Registration Covered by MiSTEM Advisory Council Grants

Receive curriculum guide, understanding the lessons, and learn how to provide CS to your elementary students. Stipend for participants at completion for program.



12 SCECHs will be provided pending approval from the state.


What is a CS Fundamentals Intro Workshop

Computer Science Fundamentals is a curriculum designed for students in kindergarten through fifth grade (K-5). Each grade level units are between 12-20 lessons long that are built for flexible implementation. During the workshop, participants will learn from certified facilitators, participate in a model lesson, learn the management system, and dive into the lessons. 


At the end of the workshop, teachers will know:

  • The importance of CS for all students, and the teachers’ role in creating an environment where all students can learn equitably.

  • How CS Fundamentals can be used as an avenue for getting CS to all students.

  • What CS Fundamentals courses look like (lesson plans, online activities, unplugged activities).

  • Which courses and lessons of CS Fundamentals are most appropriate for their students.

At the end of the workshop, teachers will have:

  • A plan of action for starting to teach CSF.

  • Long(er) term goals about how deep into the course they would like to try to get.

  • Strategies for teaching CS Fundamentals lessons.

  • A connection to the community of CS Fundamentals teachers. CS Fundamentals Curriculum

The CS Fundamentals curriculum is a progression of Courses A-F that build upon each other to ensure continuing students stay interested and learn new things. This allows you to use the same course at any grade level for all students, regardless of their experience. Explore the lesson plans and download the curriculum guide for Courses A-F here. All courses make suitable entry points for students. Later courses feature “ramp up” lessons which are intended to introduce or review important concepts from previous courses at an accelerated pace. More info on CS Fundamentals


More Opportunities to Come!

Keep an eye on for more opportunities for CS Fundamentals. More Deep Dive workshops and Introduction workshops will become available in the Winter and Spring.


Do you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the program manager (Larry Wyn, 

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